T-ara pics

Ommmghaa мэдээ хийлгүй ямар удваа ^^
Хөөрхөн уншигчад ийга бүүр саначиж ~~
Уламжлалт ёсоороо хөөрхөн эгч нарийнхаа мэдээлэлийг оруулий


Black eyes album jacket

Cute pics

9 photos of Hyomin - asked by tae-peas

Ene buur denduu cute~~


Album Jacket


Qri : Black Eyes Album Jacket


Boram : Black Eyes Album Jacket


Hyomin : Black Eyes Album Jacket


Hwayoung : Black Eyes Album Jacket



T-ara’s Eunjung Wants to Go Back to School
“No more pencils, no more books…” Remember that old diddy  about leaving school? While many young adults are looking forward to  starting their careers, it seems to be the opposite case for  T-ara‘s Eunjung.
On October 27th, Eunjung expressed her desire to hit the books again through Twitter. “After seeing a pretty pencil box, I want to study now. I really need to go to school soon. It’s bad. I’ll come back one day,” she said.
In the picture, Eunjung pouts as she holds up a cloth pencil case that says, “Gentlemen Only“.
Netizens replied, ”There needs to be an opportunity for her to study hard” and “I guess it’s true when they say the grass is always greener on the other side…” Fellow T-ara member, Jiyeon, cutely quipped, “Oh stress.”
Eunjung will be busy with T-ara’s comeback this November, leaving little time for her to fulfill her wish.


내가제일좋아하는 수많은 믹스테잎들을들으며 부산으로향하는중~
[TRANS] Mix tape of many of my favorite flavor was kind of in Busan ~


오늘은.. 그냥 심심해서 ,양갈래 머리 아가씨이 >ㅅ< ★
[TRANS] Today .. Just bored ,yanggalrae is the head maid >ㅅ< ★


баахан зураг хийчлээ^^
тайлбуургүй хийсэнд уучлаарай 😦
Гэхдээ шинэ дуу болох нь 11сарийн 21 нд гарна гэсэн шоо^^


Маш олон зураг оруулсан болохоор коммэнт заавал бичээрээ ^^



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  1. jiyeon eunjung qri geed bugd hoorhon yumaa yalanguya ter jiyeon suzy 2iin pic ysn j hoorhiin yamar j adilhan yum

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