Inkigayo Summer Special Performances

 вааа~ гоё гоё performance ууд болжээ ороод үзээрэй~ 2NE1 , 2PM , Rainbow , 8eight CoMeBaCk!~Luna and IU – Festival  8eight – Covering Those Lips  MBLAQ – Oh Yeah Remix + Special Stage Escape from City  Rainbow – Sweet Dream  A Pink – Road Safety Song  Sistar – How Dare You + Sistar 19 – Ma Boy   MC and 2PM cut  Boyfriend featuring K.Will – Boyfriend + Special Song  A Pink – It Girl  F.T. Island – Special Stage + Hello Hello  MC and 2NE1 Cut | яааа Дара Минжигийн үсийг ээ янзтай~|  Jo Kwon featuring Girl’s Day – Special Stage Let’s Go on a Trip  G.NA and Whessung – Special Stage  f(x) – Hot Summer  Kim Hyun Joong + Heo Young Saeng – Special Stage  Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down  2NE1 – I Am The Best  2PM – Like A Movie  2PM – Hands Up  Winner – f(x) 


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